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Crisis Planning

Crisis Planning

Many families wait until their loved one (mom, dad, sibling, etc.) develops a disability issue that requires full-time assistance. That assistance can run the spectrum from daytime adult daycare to full-time assistance at a skilled nursing home facility. The crisis centers around the issue of, “how do I pay for the assistance that my loved one needs?” Everyone has several options:

• Pay for the costs out of the loved one’s resources
• Pay out of your own resources
• Pay through the State Medicaid program

Unfortunately, if your loved one already needs care, the option of qualifying to have state run Medicaid pay for your loved one’s assistance is difficult to do.
However, there are strategies to reduce the loss to your loved one’s assets and reduce stress on families, even when in the crisis mode of disability planning. If you or a loved one is in in a disability planning crisis, please contact our firm for an initial no obligation consultation.


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